Financial Services


  • Effective 7/1/18 - Revised Relocation and Recruitment Expense Accounts
    • Two expense accounts will remain in use beginning 7/1/18 to greater assist the SSU campus community in accurately deciphering between relocation (taxable) and recruitment (non-taxable) expense account transactions. Moving and Relocation Expense Account Update.
  • Trust Fund Agreement Access
    • Using your SSU LDAP username and password, financial end-users can now access the most recent copy of trust fund agreements on file. The trust fund information relates to University donor and non-donor trust fund agreements. Select the trust fund agreement link or select "Current Trust Fund Agreements" under the Quicklinks section.
  • Revised Gift Card Form - Approval from AVP for Financial Services Now Required
    • Effective immediately, all gift card forms will require approval from AVP for Financial Services. For additional information, please review the Gift Card Form.
  • Procurement Website Update
    • Procurement has added a Vendor Registration section on our web page. Visit the new website.